Welcome to Vale Church’s Stations of Christmas Community Scavenger Hunt!

We are so glad you have joined us in the search to find the Christ-child! This has been a very challenging season as we make hard decisions about seeing loved ones. Isolation can add to the darkness of this season where the days are shorter and the nights longer. But this is the season of light breaking out of the darkness! 

For your convenience, you may download instructions and a “map” here.

Each station will be illuminated by a spotlight at nighttime, so you can enjoy both the neighborhood lights and the scavenger hunt at the same time. 

The address for the first Station of Christmas is 2743 Linda Marie Dr., which is on the corner with Vale Rd. For a full list of stations, click here. As you arrive at each location, you can click on the audio messages below.


Station 1

Station 2 

Station 3 

Station 4

Station 5 

Station 6 

Station 7 


Please make sure you grab our special gift to enjoy when you get home from the Scavenger Hunt! If you enjoyed this scavenger hunt, please post a comment on our Facebook page or a picture of you enjoying your gift, sharing how this has blessed you today!

About the Stations of Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt:

Vale Church has worked with many to create these stations to share the light with our community. Each painting is based off of the story of Jesus’ birth, or the nativity story. Each station has an image and an audio file to share the story. The audio files can be found in the links below. Each image depicts the nativity story with a modern lens, considering the pandemic and social unrest that have colored our world this past year. The images were imagined with one of our church artists and the youth and then painted by our children.

Each of the 7 stations is located not too far off Vale Rd. The loop for the stations is 8 miles and it will take about an hour to complete the entire set of stations. They do not need to be completed all at once, but they should be completed in order as they tell a story that has a beginning, middle and end! 

We do hope you have a Merry Christmas and have enjoyed the Stations of Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt!