Vale is joining with Good Shepherd UMC. Oakton UMC, Hunters Wood PTA, and the Fox Mill Giant to address hunger in our local schools. We are partnering with the communities of Fox Mill, Hunters Woods, Oakton and Vienna. We will be working to decrease the debilitating effects of food insecurity on children in our community by packaging and providing meals for breakfast, snacks, and weekends. [Shepherd: Eileen Koefoot, Stan Ellis]


Every other month, in partnership with FACETS – a nonprofit organization in Fairfax – Vale prepares and delivers 80-100 hot dinners to homeless men, women, and children living on the street and in motels along the Rte. 50 corridor in Fairfax. [Shepherds: Mary Morran]

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Every winter, Vale partners with FACETS and the Interfaith Community in their effort to prevent deaths from hypothermia. Vale provides dinners, lunches, and volunteers to support two local churches in feeding and sheltering homeless men and women overnight. Also, in conjunction with the Lamb Center – the day shelter for homeless people in the area – we host one of the picnics held during the summer to build on the relationships formed with homeless individuals during the shelter program. [Shepherd: Vicki Alonzo, Laura Gori]

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Transforms the lives of children and youth, helping them stay safe, make positive decisions, achieve educational success, and overcome personal crisis. Vale provides a monthly dinner (4th Tuesday of the month) to this emergency shelter that is part of a comprehensive crisis intervention program. [Shepherd: Jan Feeney]

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The first Sunday of every month, our youth group prepares food for 150-200 people and travels to Washington D.C.’s Franklin Park to serve the homeless. Adults have the opportunity to chaperone this monthly mission. [Shepherd: Kristina Wilson]


Working with families in the Highlands public housing community in SE DC, this ministry focuses on:

  • Sponsor/Mentor Program – which matches SE DC kids with members of Vale to provide school supplies and Christmas and Birthday gifts. We also mentor and advocate for the youth through their school years and entry into college/the workforce.
  • Food Pantry – Vale collects food donations and grocery dollars to provide supplemental food to our Highland Community neighbors. Each month volunteers deliver the food items as available to the food pantry [Shepherd: Mary Morran]


This nonprofit thrift store sells gently used clothing & household goods. Income over expenses are returned to various local charities. Vouchers are given by local Social Services to those in need of clothing and other items. Vale provides two volunteers to The Closet once or twice a month. [Shepherds: Chris Olson]

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Every November the Vale Congregation selects a White Dove from the Christmas trees that are located in the Narthex and the main hallway of the church. These White Doves list a financial need that supports the following five areas of Missions: Guatemala, Second Story, McDowell County in West Virginia, Youth for Tomorrow, and our Southeast Washington DC Ministries. Based on what White Doves are selected by the congregation, the totals are collected and disbursed to their respective charities. Last year the following monetary amounts were disbursed: Guatemala = $1,100.00, Second Story = $675.00 plus many gifts of merchandise, McDowell County West Virginia = $2,800.00, Youth For Tomorrow =$400.00 and SE DC Ministry = $800.00.